• The race categories open for Mandiri Sungailiat Triathlon 2020 are:
    1. Sprint distance:
      • Swim : 750M
      • Bike : 20KM
      • Run : 5KM
    2. Standard distance:
      • Swim : 1,5KM
      • Bike : 40KM
      • Run : 10KM
    3. Relay:
      • Swim : 1,5KM
      • Bike : 40KM
      • Run : 10KM
    4. Duathlon:
      • Run : 5KM
      • Bike: 20KM
      • Run: 5KM
  • Indonesian and foreign nationality may be able to register or take part to the competition
  • Indonesian and foreign nationality may be able to win overall podium and prize money as published (for female and male category)
  • The participant under the age of 18 encouraged to submit parental consent (Download HERE)
  • Race registration is final and non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the other parties  
  • Copyrights of images, photographs, articles, race records, audio, and any kind of visual belong to the organizer
  • Personal information of the participant during the registration process is secure, confidential and only be used for Mandiri Sungailiat Triathlon 2020 only


All participant is required to:

  • Aware and agree toward the rules and regulation before submitting the registration form
  • Aware of the possible risk caused by participating on the competition such as injury, disability, even death and proofing with the signed waiver
  • The organizer will not liable to any harm or disadvantage caused by these following condition:
    1. Illness or accident during the race
    2. Loss or damages of personal property
    3. Late arrival to the race due to poor traffic/transportation condition
  • Practice good sportsmanship before and during the competition
  • Be in good and appropriated condition (physical and psychological)
  • Be responsible of their own safety and the safety another participant during the competition
  • Obey the regulation and instruction from organizer, technical official and marshal
  • Treat others participant, organizer, official, volunteer and spectator with respect and courtesy
  • Finishing the race without receiving assistance or any kind of help from third party except from technical official due to safety or health reason
  • Keep race village area clean and save
  • Not attempt to gain unfair advantage from any external vehicle or object
  • Not consuming any kind of prohibited doping or drugs
  • Do not performing indecent exposure or nudity during the race
  • Abide to the official course as published by the organizer
  • Aware that the organizer has all the rights to implement certain prohibition or changes towards the regulation or the course for the safety reason (ie: the changes of water condition or force majeure), there shall be no refund of the entry fees paid and the organizer shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused
  • Any kind of assistance from third party will result immediate disqualification
  • Aware of the competition time limit of cut off time (swim, bike and run) as written:
    • Standard distance: 5-6 hours
    • Sprint distance: 3-4 hours
    • Relay: 5-6 hours
    • Duathlon: 3-4 hours


All participant must follow the following race attire rules:

  • Do not permitted to display any kind of demonstration of political, religion or racial propaganda
  • Permitted to wear wetsuit or rain cover as long as the race number is still visible
  • Thermal gloves and boots are not permitted unless exception request has been submitted before


  • Race number provided by the Event Organizer must not be altered, cut down, folded or in any way mutilated. The violation of this rules can affect the competition result and disqualification
  • Race number must be affixed to the participant clothing or attached on the BIB belt.
  • Race number must be clearly visible during the race (both cycling and running)


  • The winner is participant who has the shortest time from the start to the moment the enter the finish line, do not violated the rules (proven by the jury’s and technical official verification)
  • The official result will all participant according to their finish time
  • The result will be uploaded separately into unofficial result and official result
  • In the event where the participant/winner tie for a place, their performance will be analyzed and decided by the jury’s fair and professional measurement.
  • The winners must provide proof of official identification to redeem the prize
  • The result will be included time split as:
    1. Swim or first segment competition
    2. Transition 1
    3. Bike or second segment competition
    4. Transition 2
    5. Run or third segment competition
    6. Overall finish time (divided based on gender position, age group position and overall participant position)


The following list highlights some of the exceptional situation that may happened. Some competition rules and regulation may differ from those published priors because of certain situation and safety reason, might be solved by the principles below:

  • Modification before the race:
    1. A triathlon may be modified to duathlon, aquathlon, or even in a two segments race such as: swim-run, bike-run or run-bike, in the equivalent distance.
    2. Time trial start are allowed
    3. The duathlon segment may interchangeable as bike-run or run-bike, and/or may be modified to a single segment race such as run only or bike only.
    4. The open water competition can be changes in to indoor swimming pool due to safety reason.
  • Modification during or once the race has started: any segment, but only one, may be shortened during the race. The organizer will take any necessary actions to ensure the fairness and safety of all participant, otherwise the race will be stopped


  • The participant who participate at triathlon category must wear specific official swimming cap for each category provided by the organizer
  • The participant must be numbered using the race tattoo or at the body marking station at the transition area before the race start
  • Fin, aqua socks, gloves, paddles, floating devices or individual escort of any kind is prohibited during the race
  • Swim googles or face mask may be worn
  • The participant’s official team/family/coach may be allowed to hand-off eyeglasses and any other specific items after the swim between swim finish and transition area
  • The participant may use any stroke to propel themselves through the water. The participant is allowed to push off the ground at the beginning and at the end of every swim lap
  • The participant must follow the prescribed swim course
  • The participant may stand on the bottom or rest by holding an inanimate object such as buoy or stationary boat
  • In an emergency, an athlete must raise an arm overhead and call for assistance. Once the technical official is rendered, the athlete must be retired from the competition
  • The participant may fairly maintain their own space in the water:
    1. Penalty will not be incurred in the situation of accidental contact yet immediately move apart
    2. Penalty will immediately be incurred if the contact deliberately targeting or impeding other competitor which caused any kind of harms
  • Wetsuit use is only allowed if the water temperatures is below 22oC
  • Swimming time limit is:
    1. Sprint distance : 50 minutes
    2. Standard distance (open) : 30 minutes
    3. Standard distance (age group) : 70 minutes


  • The participant is prohibited to :
    1. Practice any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct
    2. Block others competitor
    3. Cycle with the bare torso
    4. Make forward progress without being in possession of the bike, but may allowed to walk the bike due to specific condition
    5. Draft off another competitor or vehicle in a draft-illegal race
    6. Must not pass on the inside of another competitor
  • The participant must remove their helmet once their bike is racked before moving into next segment
  • Race number on the bike and helmet must be clearly visible during the bike segment. Participant seen without race number may be asked to stop from the competition
  • The participant must obey the specific traffic regulation for the event, remain on the left side of the road (unless the organizer advice another instruction) and solely responsible for the consequences of any kind of infraction
  • The participant is required to abide direction or instruction from the official during cycling session.
  • In the situation where the official is impossible to close the road, the participant should assume that cars may be appear and must take the necessarily safety precaution
  • The participant leaving the bike course must return to the same initial spot. Any kind of advantages from violation of this rule may cause disqualification.
  • The participant must ensure the save and roadworthy condition and responsible of reparation of their personal equipment.
  • Any kind of individual support from friend/family/coach (such us: passing the food or other equipment) may result immediate disqualification
  • Unsafe and unofficial vehicles, bike, inline skates, skateboards, baby joggers, prams (of any description) will not be allowed to enter the course during the race
  • The participant must wear appropriate bicycle helmet during the entire race (leather or vinyl helmet is not allowed). Helmets must be buckles securely during the bike segment. Any participant seen riding without helmet will be immediately disqualified.


  • The participant may run or walk to finish the race
  • Prohibited to run with bare torso
  • The participant must wear official BIB provided by the organizer
  • BIB number must be clearly visible
  • Prohibited to wear bike helmet during the running segment
  • Permitted to run barefoot due to participant personal liability
  • The participant whom considered caused danger for themselves or other competitor will may be removed from the competition by the technical official or medical personnel
  • The participant must follow prescribed course and prohibited to shortcut the course. Violation of this rule may result disqualification
  • Individual support from friend/family/coach/pace maker assistance is prohibited
  • Hydration point will be available along the course and finish area
  • Headphone, headset, and earplug are prohibited during the race
  • Participant who is proven commit any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct will be automatically disqualified from the race
  • The participant is expected to follow the direction or instruction from the official


  • All participant must have their helmet securely fastened from the time they remove the bike from bike rack, before start of the bike leg, until after they placed their bike on the rack after the finish of the bike leg.
  • The participant must use the designated bike rack and rack their bike in to upright position without block or interfere with the progress of another participant
  • The participant who proven interfere other participant equipment in the transition area will be disqualification
  • Cycling is not permitted in the transition area, except during cycling segment that passes the transition area. Mount and dismount line are part of the transition area
  • Participant must mount their bike after the mount line by having one complete foot contact with the ground after the mount line
  • Participant must dismount their bike before the dismount line by having one complete foot contact with the ground before the dismount line
  • The participant may push the bike by hand and may not stop at the flow zone in the transition area
  • Marking position in the transition area is forbidden. Marks, wetsuit, towel are considered as marking, and any objects used for marking purposes will be removed by the official without notification
  • The helmet strap must remain unfastened in the transition area while the participant is completing the first segment
  • Helpers, friend, family, coach are not permitted entering the transition area
  • Mobile and electronic devices can be brought into the transition area but may not be used during the race


  • Relay is a team-format race consist of 2-3 athletes that take turn in completing each competition segments.
  • The total time for the relay team is count from the start of the 1st team member to the finish of the 3rd competition. Time is continuous and the watch does not stop between competitors.
  • The relay exchange is complete will happening in the transition area and will be demarcated
  • The exchange is completed by in-coming competitor, using their hand to contact the body of the outgoing competitor within the relay zone
  • The exchange occurs outside the exchange zone, the team might receive penalty of one minute reduction of the finish time
  • The participant must not put the helmet on until they have tagged by their team mate; only once the participant has left the exchange zone can the helmet be picked up and secure before the participant can touch the bike
  • The participant must remove their helmet once their bike is racked. Once the helmet is placed in their area in transition, can they enter the exchange zone to tag their teammate.